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Have you ever found yourself staring in the mirror looking at a shell of who you once were?

Sure, on the surface everything "looks”okay...

“I should be happy,” you keep telling yourself. Yet deep down…you just aren’t.

You’re not happy at all...

Instead, you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and lost.

“Where do I go?” “What do I do?” “How do I get out of this funk?” You wonder….

Then comes the dreaded silence.

Have you ever found yourself

staring in the mirror looking

at a shell of who you

once were?

Sure, on the surface

everything "looks”okay...

“I should be happy,” you keep telling yourself. Yet deep down…you just aren’t.

You’re not happy at all...

Instead, you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and lost.

“Where do I go?” “What do I do?” “How do I get out of this funk?” You wonder….

Then comes the dreaded silence.

It may feel like an ending. That’s there’s no way out. I mean, you’ve tried, right? You’ve read some books...listened to some podcasts...and yet here you are. Stuck again.

But guess what? You’re not at a dead-end… you’re just at a fork in the road and YOU are in control!

All you need to get unstuck is a roadmap.

Best of all, it won’t require you to travel down the road of years of therapy or painful regressions into the past.

In fact, it can happen in just 14 days, and in a moment I’ll tell you exactly how.

Sound good?

But first, let me introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Rachel Wayte, and I’m a Sound, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor.

Today my life is more fulfilling than I once dreamed possible, but not so long ago I felt like I was drowning...

From the outside, you’d never have believed my life was anything but perfect.

I had a very supportive husband, a beautiful 5-year-old daughter, and had left a mundane job I hated to open my own therapy business.

But on the inside, things were anything but perfect.

I’d wake up feeling awful for no reason. There were days I just couldn’t stop crying.

And to make matters worse, I was beating myself up ALL the time for not being as happy as I thought I should. I felt stuck and had no idea how to get out of this place I was in!



Things continued like this for months…Until one day I had a very raw conversation in the kitchen with my husband.

I’d been crying, again, when he finally asked me…

“Rachel, do you really want to change? Because from where I’m standing it doesn’t look like it...”

That was an epic gut punch.

I had been coming up with excuse after excuse about why I couldn’t do the things that people were advising me to do…

There's always a big “BUT” followed by a reason why that suggestion wouldn’t work for me.

After way too many BUTS, my husband had had it. He had to call me out.


Because when he did, it felt like a switch had flipped...

I realised that “Yes, I DO really want to change. And not just for me, but for others because this dark place I was in was affecting others too...”

I knew there was a bigger purpose for me out there.

I knew I wasn’t meant to keep feeling like this.

And thanks to that brutally honest conversation with my husband, staying stuck was no longer an option for me.

The path to getting unstuck...

So I hired a coach & I hired a healer because I knew stuff from my past was holding me back. This led me down the path to getting unstuck.

Here’s what I learned…

At its core, the feeling of being “stuck” happens at an energetic level.

Remember how you learned in science class that energy is the building block of all things? When most people think of energy, they think of objects or the “power” required to heat or cool their house or enable them to exercise...but they don’t realise that emotions and thoughts are made up of energy too.

Have you ever been in a super awesome mood, and walked into a room where everyone is in a bad mood and is complaining or gossiping nonstop?

Doesn’t your mood immediately drop? You suddenly feel icky and tired for no apparent reason...

Well here’s the reason. As you also learned in science class back in the day, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it’s merely transferred.

So when you went from being in a good mood to being in a bad mood, it’s because you picked up negative energy.

The same thing happens when you experience loss, disappointment, trauma, pain, etc. The energy of these emotions and experiences can get “stuck” and when they do, you will find yourself feeling like you’re in a fog…

And you know what it’s like driving in the fog… it’s hard to see anything. It’s why seeing the solutions is hard even though they may be right in front of you.

That's where I was. In a FOG!

So I discovered how to release the energy that was no longer serving me, and was keeping me stuck. When I did, the solutions that I needed quickly came into focus and I was able to move forward with ease.

Best of all, it wasn’t some long and convoluted process.

You see, a lot of the things keeping you stuck are buried deep within your subconscious mind. They aren’t “top of mind” where you can see them. Think of it as the deep roots of a very old tree. You know the roots are there, even though you cannot see them.

Just like you can’t see all of the roots of a tree, you cannot see the things that are keeping you stuck.

But they are there, beneath the surface. And they express themselves as symptoms that we recognise as overwhelm, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fear...

Not only that, but they also can express themselves as physical ailments like body aches, disease, migraines, chronic fatigue, etc.

Those “blocks” have become trapped within your body, they may be contributing to your emotional AND physical suffering!

That’s what happened to me! So I got the help I needed to release the blocks, and as a result, for the first time in a decade, my path became crystal clear along with how I could use my gifts to serve others and finally feel fulfilled.

I was able to confidently step into my purpose as a sound, energy healer, and spiritual mentor.

Not only that, I freed myself to finally be able to say YES to using my gifts as a classically trained opera singer. and energy healer.

I use sound, energy, and intuitions to help purpose-driven women get unstuck, release what’s weighing them down, so they can feel lighter, more joyful, and ready to move forward with ease and clarity.

Not to mention, they get an instant boost of energy that puts a spring in their step!

The feeling I get when helping my clients get unstuck is amazing.

The transformation gives me chills and it has given my a sense of fulfillment like none other.

The only thing is, that word traveled fast about how I was able to help people get unstuck, and my calendar got booked up. While I adore my one-on-one clients, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be serving more people…

So I sat down and designed a special 14-day experience that would enable me to help way more people get unstuck! I could not be more excited to share this with you, because this process WORKS!

I started off by sharing my 14-day method with my private clients, and the results that they got made my heart sing!

Now it's your turn...

I N T R O D U C I N G:

14 Days to Getting Unstuck

Get ready to break through your barriers,

find clarity and move

forward with ease!


Days 1-4: Clear The Clutter

The first week is about clearing the clutter from your energy system & your life. Imagine it’s like we’re de-weeding the garden or clearing the surfaces so that we can get a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

You will start to feel lighter, clearer, and more energised!

Days 5-10: Get To The Root

Now that we have made a pathway, cleared out the initial outer layer we are ready to go deeper and help shift on a more profound level.

Over these next few days, we will focus on helping you identify and remove some of those more unconscious deep-seated blocks (the roots) so they no longer hold you back!

Days 11-14: Get Clarity.

Now that you’ve cleared out old emotions and blocks, it's time to get clarity on what your next steps you can move forward with excitement and anticipation.

You’ll also get the tools to navigate your life with ease after our 14 days together so you no longer fall back into the trap of overwhelm and confusion.

Each day I’ll go LIVE in the Getting Unstuck Facebook Group with training or an energy clearing session. Each session will be 30-40 minutes long and will give you the tools and understanding you need to get unstuck.

There will be fog-busting activities to help you get the clarity you are looking for so you can finally move forward with confidence!

Best of all you won’t be doing this alone. You’ll be surrounded by a group of like-minded, purpose-driven women.

So, let me ask you...

Are you ready to take the leap, and give me 14 days of your time so you can get unstuck?

When you complete the challenge, you will …

  • Begin to feel free of the emotional and physical blocks that have been weighing you down
  • Be clear about what you want and excited to go get it!
  • Have the tools you need to say unstuck even when life throws you curveballs
  • Be more confident & in alignment with who you are

Here is what you'll get when you join...

  • 14 Days of Virtual Coaching with Rachel Wayte (Value £2.750)
  • 5 transformational Energy Clearing & Sound Healing Sessions (£1,250)
  • Access to the Private Getting Unstuck Facebook Challenge Group where you’ll be supported by like-minded individuals (Priceless)
  • Access to the recordings of the trainings for 21 days (£497)

That’s a Total Value of £4,497

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is Sound & Energy Healing and How is this going to help me?

Here’s the “sciency” bit that’s cool to know, but not necessary to understand for you to get the benefit of it… I’m happy to report that even the most non-woo woo have found the sound & energy healing experience beneficial.

Science tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed & so can you.

In his book Chakra Frequencies, Jonathan Goldman says that.

“Sound is the source of all being; vibration is the basis of all our reality” every object vibrates and has its own resonant frequency. This includes human beings - all our organs, bones, tissues, cells vibrate and have their own frequency. He compares the body to an orchestra. When an orchestra is playing well everything is in harmony but when someone plays out of tune, there is disharmony. This is the same for our bodies, stress, anxiety, pain, worry, negative emotions, thoughts can get blocked in our bodies and create disease or disharmony in our bodies. The basic idea behind sound healing is that it brings vibratory resonance to the part of the body that is vibrating out of harmony.

I heal by singing. There is so much power & beauty in sound and as a classically trained singer I am able to channel healing sounds vibrations, & emotions. The powerful resonances help to clear blocks in your body and bring you into a state of balance.

We all have a life force energy that flows through us and maintains us. When you’re feeling low, stuck in pain, your energy isn’t flowing as it should. As an energy healer, I have the ability to help restore your energy to its natural flow.

My sound healing-based energy work is a completely unique experience that will leave you feeling lighter, more joyful, and ready to move forward physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’m happy to report that even the most non-woo woo have found the sound healing experience beneficial.

Q: Are there any medical reasons that prohibit me from taking part in this challenge?

This challenge is not recommended for people who have:


Wear a Pacemaker

Are Pregnant

Q: Do I need to have any particular beliefs for this to work?

If you are spiritually open-minded (regardless of your exact beliefs) then you are a great fit for this challenge.

Q: Why is the entry fee so affordable? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! I simply want to help as many people as I can get the breakthroughs they need. I also know that if I can help you Get Unstuck in just 14 days there’s a good chance you’ll want to carry on working with me on a deeper level in the future and that would be awesome.

Q: How much time commitment is this?

Each training is approximately 30 - 40 minutes in length, but it might go a tad longer. So you can get the most out of this experience, there will be some activities for you to complete which will be simple to incorporate in your life

Q: What happens if I can’t attend the live trainings?

Each training will be posted in the Facebook Group for you to catch up on if you can’t attend live. You will have 7 days after the challenged ends to access the trainings before they are removed from the group.

Q: How do I get access to the challenge?

When you complete your purchase you will be directed to join the Facebook Group. You will also receive e-mail confirmation with details of all the next steps you need to take.

Q: When does the next challenge begin?

Join the Waiting List and I'll let you know as soon as the next challenge is starting.

Meet Your Guide...

Rachel is a Sound Energy, Healer, & Spiritual Mentor

She is a formerly trained classical & opera singer, who for many years hid her healing and spiritual gifts for fear of being seen, being heard, and fear of her own light. Back in March 2018 she felt stuck, weighed down by the feelings that she wasn’t fulfilled and that there was more she should be doing with her life. She knew things had to change and she made the brave decision to stop hiding and really step into her power and capabilities as a healer & mentor.

Rachel uses sound, energy & intuition to help purpose-driven women get unstuck so they can fulfill their deepest desires & make a lasting impact She works with clients from across the globe to help

them free themselves from their past, release heavy emotions & deep pains so they too can find the strength to step into their truth & power. Rachel is also an energy coach and teaches people how to understand their energy, their emotions so they have the skills to stay positive, get unstuck, and achieve their goals no matter what life throws at them.

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