When you heal on the inside, you magnetise your greatest potential & highest joy

Rachel works with leaders, entrepreneurs, multi millionaires from around the globe creating miracles & freedom in their lives by releasing them from long held trauma, limitations & beliefs so they can magnetise their greatest potential & highest joy.

“I have invested in healing for over 4 decades so feel I am a good litmus test for seeking out the best of the best healers from around the world. I have directly experienced Rachels gift’s and am pleased to say she is in the 1-3% of those in the world who bring profound gifts to those who lead”

Sally Anderson World Class Coach Intuitive,

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Overcome everything that has been keeping you stuck so you can create that massive contribution you are here to make in the world.

Join the She Shakes The World Movement founded by Rachel to inspire and empower women to step into their highest calling so they can change and shake the world.

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