Leaders of this world - it's time to step into your highest calling & your ultimate joy

A Message Leaders of the World

It's time to reach your next edge!

I am asking you to rise up and be seen. 

To rise up and have the courage and the strength to shake the world.

To shift paradigms.

You are being called to share your abundance, your unique self and talents with the world as a force for hope, healing and freedom.

Others may question why you want to strive for more, but I know you aren’t here to settle!

I know deep inside you have this burning passion to be and do more than you already are

  • You are Pioneering

  • You are being called to an even greater vision

  • You are being called to peel back EVERYTHING that is holding you back from boldly sharing yourself with the world

I know that you already have success, wealth, material things around you but there's a deeper yearning for more that is calling you. By reaching your next edge, by taking this next leap you will also find a deep sense of peace, the freedom to feel connected with your true self, your passions, the ability to fully express who you are and most importantly you will impact lives in the most profound way.

You have a massive heart and a desire to make a lasting impact, a massive contribution and legacy. Let me tell you, you’re just getting started.

Do you feel this stirring inside?

 You are being called for so much more and that is exciting, magical and requires you to stand up and be courageous.

You are being called to expand your influence, your business, grow your message, share your your true self and power & spread the powerful message of abundance with the world. Abundance is not a tool of control to fear, it’s a tool for good. Countless lives will be transformed because YOU dared to go deeper and say YES to your bigger mission.

With all your success, with all the lives you impact, with all the wealth you receive & give, you will create light in the world, you will show that abundance is a tool for good and open people’s hearts and minds to the idea that opportunities are everywhere.

Let me remind you you are no longer to be held back by ANYTHING, Let go of any thoughts of limitations. There aren’t any.

There is so much more here for you. More than you can even imagine right now. How do I know.. because I've seen it for me and I see it for you.

You can go WAY beyond where you are and deep down you know that.

Stand up, be a revolutionary, be one of the light bearers. One of the massive change bearers in this world

You weren’t born to settle, you were born for greatness..

And I want you to join me in this revolution.

It’s time to reach your next edge

But you don’t have to do it alone

I am here to help you soar to new heights

Let’s rise together!"

If you are ready to rise, to overcome everything that has held you back so you can create the massive contribution you are here to make, this is you chance to become one of Rachel's most elite and private clients.

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"I can honestly say that is was wonderful, Rachel makes you feel very safe and comfortable.

Where there was dark, there is now light, where there is rage there is now calm and I can honestly say that now I completely understand myself, my current and past triggers. Wow that is so empowering. Everything now makes perfect sense to me!"

Sarah, Oldham UK

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