Get Unstuck, fulfill your desires - Make a lasting Impact

I'm Rachel Wayte

Personal Empowerment Coach, Sound, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor

I remember it like yesterday, It was March 2018, I was about to turn 40 & I felt lost, fearful & stuck. These were the questions kept going round in my head..

What had I really achieved with my life?

Why was I feeling like this?

I was running my own therapy business, I was happily married and we had a beautiful daughter.. I should have felt happy, but I wasn't because deep down something was missing.. I didn't know what it was.. but it was time to find out..

After a long and teary discussion with my husband in the kitchen one night, I knew I had to change and it started with a DECISION.

I decided no more! I needed to stop making excuses, stop letting my fears, my worries my past emotional blocks hold me back. It was time to reach that next level of success & leadership that had been calling me.

I had to take a huge leap of faith and invest a large amount of savings into hiring a mentor and also invest in regular healing. Both these things helped me step into my light and purpose as a healer.

I stepped out of my comfort zone in faith - It was time to stop hiding.. People needed my gifts.

A few weeks later, while working with a client, something profound happened, my singing voice opened back up.

I was shocked! I'm a classically trained opera singer but had been silent for more than 10 years! Yet at that moment, my client needed healing.. so before I knew it, beautiful sounds & singing flowed out of my mouth.

THIS was what I had been called to do! WOW that felt amazing


3 years later here I am fully standing in my purpose, my power & proud to share my voice & message as an personal empowerment coach sound, energy healer & spiritual mentor. I help clients from across the globe get unstuck so they can fulfil their desires & make the lasting impact they are here to make.

I don't believe it's an accident that you have come across my website perhaps you too are ready for change, ready to step into all that you are, ready to make that lasting impact that you are here to make, ready to overcome all the things that are holding you back.

I can help you to...

  • Identify & release trapped emotions, trauma, self-sabotaging behaviour and release them from your body
  • Recognise & free yourself from all the limiting thoughts, beliefs, patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • See what your gifts are, To open up to everything you are meant to be so you have the confidence to take your next steps and make the positive impact you are here to make

I have helped clients let go of deep pain, their depression and anxieties, their emotional traumas. I have helped them overcome their fears so they can move forwards. I have helped them to see what is holding them back so that it no longer keeps them stuck. Clients who work with me find the courage and the strength to break through their barriers, to step into their role as powerful change-makers and to speak their truth freely and I want the same for you too.

​If you ready for deep transformation, to reach that next level of success in your life.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and commit to making this happen. I invite you to book in a COMPLIMENTARY INUTIVE COACHING CALL. I'll talk you through the different ways we can work together and we'll find the right fit for you. ​

Here's to your success!

with love, Rachel

Rachel has helped me change so many areas of my life. Each time we begin a session, we speak about what is going on and she knows what I need more than I know or will admit.

I knew I had a bigger purpose and Rachel has helped me see what it actually is.

Rachel has a gift and she will help you become the best version of YOU!

You deserve to have this transformation with Rachel, it was so life changing for me!

©2021 by Rachel Wayte Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor.