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Welcome! I am so grateful you’re interested in a customised private healing & coaching experience to clear what’s holding you back. Let me tell you a bit about how it works and what you can expect.

A 1:1 private experience is ideal for you if you’re ready to be free of the heavy emotions, trauma, stress, and pain stopping you from living your fullest potential --and you want to do it without years of therapy or painful regressions into the past.

The best part about working privately with me is that it doesn’t matter whether you know what’s causing you to feel this way. My gifts enable me to identify what’s keeping you stuck and release it, even if you’ve no idea where it’s coming from.

Imagine finally understanding why you’re feeling why you’re feeling, making sense of why you’ve sabotaged yourself, and of course, being free from all your pain without having to talk about it for hours.

All you need to enjoy the relief, ease, and freedom private healing & coaching will bring you are the desire to be free from what’s holding you back, a spiritually open mind (no matter your exact beliefs), and the willingness and ability to invest in yourself.

If you’re ready to uncover and clear what’s weighing you down, so you can feel lighter, more confident, and better able to serve the people who’re counting on you, then I’d love to connect with you.

Simply click the button below to schedule a complimentary 30 minute intuitive coaching call with me.

In this call I am going to get to know you, understand your struggles & I'll tell you exactly how I can help you. We will do some healing that I hope will bring you 1 life changing shift. I know If I can gift you this, you will see the possibilities of what could happen for your life if we worked together for 6 months

Working with me 1:1 is deep, transformational work, and as such, I work privately with only a handful of people at a time to create your customised healing and transformation programme, available in either a 3-month or a 6-month package.

So if you're serious about investing in yourself and your transformation click the button below and let's connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it like to work with Rachel 1:1?

When you work me 1:1, you get a customised experience. Each private session addresses what you most need at that exact moment to release what’s holding you back and reach your next level. As we work deeper and deeper to clear away any trapped emotions, trauma, pain you will begin to feel a positive shift in your energy levels, your emotions, your thoughts. As we release what’s keeping you stuck, your vibration will rise, which means your relationship with yourself and everyone around you will change for the better. You’ll feel clearer and lighter and your pathway forwards will become clearer to you.

Do I have to know why I’m stuck in order to work with Rachel?

No, you don’t. That’s the beauty of working with me!

Very often, the issues getting in our way are buried deeply within our subconscious, outside the awareness of our conscious mind, like the deep roots of a very old tree. You know those roots are there, but you cannot see them.

My connection to my intuition & source energy enables me to identify and heal those hidden roots, even if you have no idea what they are.

What, exactly, is sound & energy healing, and why will it work for me?

As an energy healer I have deep sense of intuition and knowing of what you need. I know where you are in pain, I know where you are hurting, where you feel blocked & what you need to release. l help you to free yourself from this stuck energy . I also heal with my voice, by singing. There is so much power & beauty in sound and as a classically trained singer I am able to channel healing sounds & vibrations. The powerful resonances help to clear blocks in your body and bring you into state of balance and alignment . Using my voice as a way to heal, it feels so natural and unique a way of being able to use my gifts. .

My sound healing-based energy work is a completely unique experience that will leave you feeling lighter, more joyful, and ready to move forward physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Is working with Rachel right for me?

If you are spiritually open-minded (regardless of your exact beliefs) and willing to invest in yourself, then you are a great fit to work with me.

Which path is best for me: The 14 Day Experience or the 1:1 Private Healing?

Both options will help you uncover and clear what’s holding you back. A 1:1 experience will do so much faster and more thoroughly, because it’s customised to your exact needs.

Will I have to talk about my past?

Working with me is not like traditional counseling, where you sit around talking about your past.

Besides, if what’s holding you back is outside your current awareness, you can’t exactly talk about it, right?

That said, as I do my work in your private session, I may share things that come to me through me connection to my intuition & source energy, and this may lead to follow-up questions about your life or experiences, to help me further customise your healing.

Client Testimonial - Arlene, Victoria


Rachel has helped me change so many areas of my life. Each time we begin a session, we speak about what is going on and she knows what I need more than I know or will admit.

I knew I had a bigger purpose and Rachel has helped me see what it actually is.

Rachel has a gift and she will help you become the best version of YOU!

You deserve to have this transformation with Rachel, it was so life changing for me!

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