When you heal on the inside, you magnetise your greatest potential & highest joy

A 1:1 private experience with Rachel Wayte is for leaders who are ready to unleash their full potential and power, so they can fulfil their desires and make the massive contributions they are here to make.

As a successful leader you've already achieved so much but you know you’ve reached a plateau and you’re ready for something even bigger. It's time for you to rise.

You’re being called to expand even further and that requires you going within to free yourself from heavy emotions, self-sabotage, pain & trauma that can stop you in your tracks. Without these limitations holding you back you could achieve so much more.

The world needs you at your best, fully aligned with your purpose and 100% authentically you. It’s truly extraordinary the magic that happens when you finally allow yourself to be fully seen.

Rachel's remarkable gifts will help get you there.

Rachel uses the power of sound, energy and intuition to reach deep into your soul, to discover what stories, traumas, and emotions are trapped in the body. Guided by her intuition Rachel clears what’s keeping you stuck (even if you don’t know what it is.) That is where the magic begins to happen as Rachel helps you to create release, freedom and healing on a level you never dreamed possible.

As you release ALL that no longer serves you, your mission becomes clearer, the sabotage stops, your feel full of joy, energy and purpose. You find the courage to truly connect with your deeper calling and impact the world in an even more meaningful way. A whole new world of possibilities, opportunities and ideas open to you.

In this bespoke private programme you’ll work exclusively with Rachel to get to the root of your issues and clear them away. Rachel will also expand and align your energy with your highest destiny.

Rachel works only with a handful of committed private clients at at time as such, you must be ready to do the deep work and you must be serious about investing in yourself.

Rachel offers a Free 20 Minute Energy Releasing Session By Application Only

If you would are ready to heal on the inside so that you can magnetise your fullest potential and ultimate joy click the link below to apply for your 20 minute healing session with Rachel

In just 20 minutes, you'll get to see what magic she's capable of and why working with Rachel is your most logical next step.

Client Testimonial

Rachel has helped me change so many areas of my life. Each time we begin a session, we speak about what is going on and she knows what I need more than I know or will admit.

I knew I had a bigger purpose and Rachel has helped me see what it actually is.

Rachel has a gift and she will help you become the best version of YOU!

You deserve to have this transformation with Rachel, it was so life changing for me!

Wendy Bjork - Empress of MS, Author, Speaker & Founder of HeartsofWellness

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